We relaunch menswear brand Skopes

A new brand identity and experience-led concept to appeal to a new generation of consumer.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 09. 10. 2018
Skopes News

Heritage suiting brand Skopes, established in 1948, is relaunching with a strong brand identity and experience-led concept to appeal to a new generation of consumer, created in partnership with us.

Skopes was established 70 years ago in the heart of the Leeds textile industry and is now taking the bold step to build its brand presence nationwide. We have transformed the identity from one steeped in ubiquity to one that evokes contemporary heritage whilst taking inspiration from the creative and expressive personality of the Skopes team.

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Subtle nods to tailoring hallmarks are key to the new identity. The logo mark uses a clean san serif typeface in upper case and features a distinctive underlined ‘o’ that’s a playful yet strong interpretation of a classic button and stitching, whilst the expressive brand patterns echo the lines of an archetypal suit pattern. Radically contrasting from traditional suiting brand aesthetics, we’ve chosen a colour palette that’s distinctly Skopes – bold, impactful and full of personality.

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The new Skopes brand will debut across all touchpoints including rebranded social channels. We have taken over the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels to ensure the new identity is properly executed and feels cohesive to consumers.

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Furthermore, Skopes first flagship store, will open in Westfield London this November. It’s a destination for all things suiting, an opportunity to rewrite the rules and stigmas of traditional tailoring brands formats. The store is an occasion in itself a place to educate whilst creating a fun, hospitable trying on experience.

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Simon Cope, Managing Director and Chairman at Skopes said, “We are all very excited to launch our new brand and concept, retailing can be challenging but exhilarating at the same time. As a brand we are constantly looking to evolve to ensure we remain relevant in today’s market place. The consumer deserves a high level of service that is truly ‘experiential’, evoking all the senses. Our collaboration with Dalziel & Pow has been an enlightening experience, it is a privilege to work with such a professional team.”

Ashley Hodge Associate Director, Graphics at Dalziel & Pow said, “Skopes is at the start of a very exciting journey that we’ve had the great pleasure of being a partner in. It’s not every day you get the opportunity to work with such ambitious clients in a brand transformation that affects all touchpoints – it’s infectious!”

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