Send a scent in a snap with the oPhone

It's now possible to send a scent in a snap with the oPhone. Discover more in this blog post.

Inès ryckeboer headshot
By Inès Ryckeboer
Posted 30. 09. 2015

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about our sense of smell and retail. You can find our previous piece here and read what we said about it a year ago. This time, I would like to talk about a precise product, which associates both, called oPhone. Not a bad iPhone copy, be assured.

The oPhone is a technologic device which enables users to share smells all around the world thanks to the app oSnap. The goal is to compose a message with at least one of the 32 unique smells that can be combined to create a total of 300,000 possibilities.

Want to know how it really works? Check out this video…

The creator, Professor Edwards, hopes in the near term that they will go where there are obvious business applications – places where the quality of aroma is associated with the quality of the product or experience, such as bakeries and coffee shops where smell is important.

The oPhone will be available for pre-sale and will be produced in early 2015 for $149, or around £100. If you’re not convinced by the likely incredible experience the oPhone can offer, try the MAGNUM scarf! This oChip is the newest way to experience the sensorial effect of Magnum Ice Cream. Fall under the MAGNUM chocolate effect to be wrapped in aromatic pleasure for only £12.

And the experience continues to be developed with the first oBook called Goldilocks & The Three Bears, which was showcased in the Sensorial Storytelling exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY. Also, the first oMusic is showing in the Memory: Witness of the Unimaginable exhibition at Le Laboratoire, Cambridge.

Looking forward to see this innovative device be applied in the retail world…

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