Samsung X Selfridges

Creating Samsung's latest brand presence in Selfridges’ technology & lifestyle floor.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 23. 09. 2021

We’ve continued our relationship with Samsung, evolving the brand’s presence within Selfridges’ technology & lifestyle floor to give customers a more transformative and lifestyle-first retail experience.

The vision for the new space in Selfridges was born out of a desire to fuse fashion and sustainability into a premium retail environment that better reflects customer’s evolving lifestyle ambitions. By creating a space ‘where innovation meets individuality,’ Samsung wanted to offer customers a shopping experience that is creative, original and provocative in ways that inspire and empower consumers to express their individuality through technology.


The architectural palette for the new store took inspiration from the innovation, environmental and creative values of both Samsung and Dalziel & Pow. By selecting a minimal collection of sustainable materials, alongside fashion-inspired details, the transformation provided the perfect canvas to hero Samsung’s innovative products.


“The unique design aesthetic of our new space in Selfridges is a marker for how we want to reimagine the world of retail at Samsung. Just as Selfridges is an iconic shopping brand in the UK, so too is Samsung a beacon for delivering meaningful innovation that can be customised to individual tastes. By having this incredible new space to show off our amazing technologies, we’re confident customers will love the interaction and expertise we have on offer. So, whether it’s fridges or phones, we’ve got it covered.” Mark Seaman - Senior Director, New Business Development at Samsung Electronics UK

Screenshot 2021 09 17 at 14 35 24

Richard Marking at Dalziel & Pow added: “Today’s tech customers are digital natives and early adopters who see technology as a gateway to not just content but wider connectivity, self actualisation and personal expression. This project gave us the freedom to leave behind traditional ideas, symbols, and behaviours associated with ‘tech retail’ and to be inspired by Selfridges’ wider fashion, lifestyle and cultural references to create an innovative experience that encourages exploration and interaction.”

Screenshot 2021 09 17 at 14 32 02

Whilst sitting comfortably within the wider Selfridges store environment, Samsung’s newest tech playground will be a benchmark for the new era of technology retail. As today’s tech customers are constantly adapting, Samsung wanted to create somewhere where people see technology as a gateway to creativity, communication and expression.

Product zoning of the space focused on a shift from abstract innovation in traditional categories to cross-category collections inspired by the way people want to live. The zone at the front of the space is a constantly changing interactive shop window and a platform for product launches, cross-brand collaborations, and possibly takeovers. Customers can visit the new Samsung concession store in Selfridges on Oxford Street now.

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