Bringing theatre in store

Designed by Dalziel and Pow, River Island's new store in Birmingham’s Bullring brings the sensation of being backstage at a fashion show to shoppers.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 02. 04. 2015
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Our design concept for River Island’s new store in Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping Centre brings shoppers the sensation of being backstage at a fashion show.

Closer to the aesthetic of a luxury flagship or art gallery than a high street store, our stripped-back, deconstructed concept is a radical departure for River Island. Customers enter into an eight-metre high atrium space where a troop of mannequins stand on a central, circular ‘stage’. Instead of straight lines, the design emphasises angles and proportions; segments of wall and huge panels slice through the space, with layered, large-scale photographic panels and mirrors leaning against the walls. A louvred ceiling of spotlights and neon brings the feeling of being on stage when inside looking out.

The two-floor site sits next door to the old River Island store and is double its size, comprising Men’s, Women’s and Kids’ departments.

More pictures to follow shortly.

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