Primark Berlin

Latest news. Primark continue its international expansion with the introduction of a Berlin store. Primark Berlin store design by Dalziel & Pow.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 15. 07. 2014
PRI2500 H

The new Primark store in Berlin is an impressive statement; spanning three levels it is the latest and greatest of the new generation of Primark flagships. Creating a stronger sense of place and individuality by tailoring store design to locality is one of the key methods devised by our team to engage consumers and enhance the shopping experience. Here, Berlin’s edgy, creative identity is expressed in raw materials, signage, lighting and specially commissioned graffiti art by local illustrators.

The pièce de résistance is a bespoke multimedia installation in the central atrium. Our Interiors, Digital and Graphics teams worked together to create a map of Berlin, coupled with projection- mapping content. Visible from the ground and first floors, the dynamic display features a mix of brand films, animation and imagery, as well as in-house departmental and seasonal campaigns. Another key feature is the Trend Room, which is located inside the entrance and acts as a three-dimensional blog for the latest looks. Maintaining that fashion never sleeps, this constantly evolving space references the way that digital influences pace and change in fashion, while helping the time-poor customer to shop an edit of the latest looks.

From the multimedia map to the Trend Room, a new level of personality and humour permeates the store environment.

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