Paris’ newest department store, Lima

We've recently created 3 new standout departments for the new Paris, Lima store. To view the store click here.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 19. 12. 2016
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Paris’ newest department store, located in Lima, Peru is the latest evolution in our six-year relationship and sees three key departments (Mens, Sport and Home) along with a refreshed brand expression throughout the store. It builds on the ‘House of Paris’ concept created for Paris’ new flagship format stores.

The newly built Lima store introduces a more polished urban feel, a boldly playful graphic direction, improved navigation and a conversational tone-of-voice. Led by the core values of Experimental, Contemporary, Innovative and Engaging, this three-floor store inspires shoppers. The navigation has a highly tactile, premium appeal, taking inspiration from art exhibitions, origami patterns and wellbeing elements such as natural foliage. Customers are organically drawn in and led through the space by these creative navigation cues – for example, Barrosol light features and geometric shapes become denser in focal point areas, and a series of patterned tiles across the floor and ceiling form a gradient from the entrance through to the atrium.

Appealing to Lima’s new emerging middle class, the new Menswear concept (including Fashion, Casual, Shoes and Formal) gives each sub-department a distinct visual identity. In Men’s Fashion, the graphic mood is confident and urban with clashing textures and colours, and a statement neon installation. Men’s Casual, meanwhile, offers a crafted and domestic lifestyle aesthetic, eclectically layered and featuring editorial style typography. For Formalwear and Footwear, honest materials and educational quotes convey expertise, warmth and service excellence.

The new Sports department – the destination for all sporting goods – motivates customers to ‘Aim High’ through its playful, dynamic design. Using a striking palette of neon yellow and grey, strong destination signage and graphics include calls to action such as ‘strive for progress, not perfection’. Throughout the vibrant space, imagery of the great outdoors on floor-to-ceiling panels adds an emotive storytelling element. The cash desk has been injected with excitement thanks to a dramatic suspended light installation featuring moving interactive balls.

Finally, the new Home concept transports shoppers to a premium marketplace reminiscent of London’s Spitalfields, with inspiration taken from the 2016 serpentine gallery a series of boxes form a central pavilion to showcase highlights of the collection. Establishing a clear customer journey, each department is signposted by a focus wall patterned in bold product silhouettes. The ownable typographic style spells out both inspirational and informative product guidance (e.g. how to choose a mattress or washing machine) in an engaging conversational voice. Room sets cross-merchandising home looks are joined by a seasonal shop-in-shop, and a workshop-style hub for bespoke interiors featuring helpful design magazines and ‘mix & match’ materials samples.

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