Pandora - London

Here is more about our Global Store Concept for Pandora, and its recent launch on London's Oxford Street.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 18. 09. 2023
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We’re pleased to have been partnering with Pandora on their latest store concept, working with the brand since 2021 on the definition, development, and refinement to create their new Evoke 2.0 concept.

Back in 2021, the first wave of test stores (Evoke 1.0) opened across Italy, UK, US, China with the aim to make the shopping experience more intuitive, improve the speed of service and enable our customers to explore, find and try our products easier.

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Through feedback and further development, the concept has been developed to further enhance the experience, resulting in the conception you see today, Evoke 2.0. The first stores launched in the spring across Italy but now more are opening globally, including this recent launch on Oxford Street.

Each of the new concept stores will balance a global look with an individual feel, creating an environment that enhances the customer experience while preserving a strong connection to Pandora’s brand DNA.

Well done to everyone involved in this and great to see this launching across the globe and at pace.

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