Refreshing Oasis, Argyll Street

The Oasis flagship store in London has been given a quirky refresh by Dalziel and Pow. Find out more about the playful concept here.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 09. 07. 2015
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After four years rolling out a bold, playful new look for Oasis internationally, we’ve returned to where it all began, the Argyll Street flagship in London, to give this store a quirky refresh.

The concept of the Oasis woman’s dream house was debuted at Argyll Street in 2011, but since then we’ve developed this and seen it flourish across 30+ Oasis stores globally, taking on a more defined Edwardian style.

Our brief was to focus on key areas to add the ‘wow’ factor and convey the brand’s evolved personality as part of a phased programme. The escalator wall has been painted dark grey and hung with an assortment of decoratively framed 2D and animated 3D graphics, some with motion sensitivity and audio to respond to shoppers as they travel between floors. We also replaced the large Oasis logo, which felt a little corporate, with a pink lightbox for a subtle nod to the brand colour.

The fitting rooms – which comprise 600sqft of the 4,700sqft store – now feature a cosy lounge area and a concierge desk for conducting transactions away from the main cash desk, both of which lend a premium feel.

Continuing the domestic theme, there are three digital screens designed to look like windows onto the outside world – one here in the fitting rooms with a cat stalking across the windowsill, and another two behind the cash desks showing a garden scene.

As well as these key features, there is a wealth of smaller detail to discover, from vinyl graphics of bookshelves and ornaments to amusing props such as mice peeping out of holes in the skirting boards and even a bespectacled pug dog.

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