Next Hedge End: shaking up the big-box format

Our new concept shakes up the tired big-box format for Next's latest development in Hedge End, Hampshire. Dalziel & Pow, a leading store design agency.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 18. 08. 2014
NEWS hedge end next home and garden featureimage

Next has unveiled the latest development of its pioneering Fashion, Home and Garden format in Hedge End, Hampshire – the first in its estate to be built entirely from the ground up and to feature our new Womenswear department concept.

NEWS hedge end next home and garden 05

Shaking up the tired big-box format, our concept unites Next’s full fashion offer with an expanded Homewares department, a Costa-operated café and garden centre. A distinctive approach to visual merchandising sees the home and gardening ranges displayed in cross-category, themed room sets, following the Get the Look edits found in the fashion department. A new Womenswear concept, totalling 10,600sqft, is the brand’s strongest and most compelling to date.

NEWS hedge end next home and garden 06

The overall impression is one of accessible luxury; this concept previews a number of stores of this scale and quality in the coming months.

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