Next Fosse Park

In these times of uncertainty in retail, it is very positive to see a concept that expresses confidence in the role of the physical retail experience in our interaction with brands.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 27. 04. 2021
ACE DP Next Fosse Park CDD8852

The new concept for Next at Fosse Park does just that. Confident, convenient, inspiring and re-assuring, it makes strong connections to existing loyal customers and will attract new customers with it's impact. It is a magnet for any visitors to this edge-of-town location. Current concessions include Virgin Holidays, Costa Coffee Shop, and the first in-store Waterstones Book Shop.

ACE DP Next Fosse Park CDD8840

Fosse Park re-opened when the UK’s restrictions eased on in-store shopping in mid-April. This store is one of a number of new and refurbished locations that opened showcasing new design ideas. Fosse Park is the largest store (56,536 sq ft) Next have opened since 2014 and is the 3rd largest in the business. This concept is part of an ongoing fifteen year collaboration between Dalziel & Pow & Next’s internal Store Development Teams (Shopfitting & VM/Marketing).

ACE DP Next Fosse Park CDD8647

Architecturally, Fosse Park introduces the use of internal and external illuminated timber fins, designed to create a new, own able exterior architecture, to provide internal shade and soften the appearance both on the approach and the in-store experience. The warm light levels and the increased vision into the store act as an inviting beacon encouraging customers in. Internally the fins act as a sculptural feature, framing the interior spaces, bringing the much needed human scale, without losing the impact of the airy open atrium.

ACE DP Next Fosse Park CDD8834

The introduction of different digital formats throughout the space add movement, punctuating the customer journey, encouraging exploration through the store. Enhanced customer services and touchpoints such as the fitting rooms, till points, and customer collections, all add to the experience..

ACE DP Next Fosse Park CDD8850

Fosse Park sees a new concept for the Children’s department, following the latest thinking across Women’s, Men's & Home, aligning the departments with a more common material palette, whilst still giving the departments their own standout. The impression is of one brand with many facets, more coordinated, less fragmented.

ACE DP Next Fosse Park CDD8677

Online ordering and pick-up are encouraged with an enhanced Customer Collection area, reinforcing the role of physical space in the digital shopping journey.

To get more of a feel for this space, click here to view this drone footage, taking you on a journey through the store.

ACE DP Next Fosse Park CDD8877
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