Newport Street Gallery featuring Jeff Koons

Newport Street Gallery featuring Jeff Koons - Damien Hirst has renovated a few warehouses to showcase his own personal art collection. The artworks look stunning in the space, read more here.

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By Oliver Dunn
Posted 17. 08. 2016
Newport koons feature
Newport koons

Damien Hirst has renovated a few warehouses, previously scenery-painting workshops for the West End, just to showcase his own personal art collection. The building, in Vauxhall, with shop and Pharmacy 2 restaurant is in itself worth the trip. Crisp 3D lettering, pill patterned vinyl on the windows and massive LED signage adorn the exterior.

Newport koons
Newport koons 02
Newport koons 03

Currently the gallery has its second exhibition which is dedicated to Jeff Koons and spans 35 years of the artist’s career. The artworks, each with their own nervous security guard, are incredible and look stunning in the space.

And it’s free. Don’t miss it.

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