New opening: Roxlin, China

Last year we worked with Roxlin to open a fresh, new store concept featuring raw finishes that communicate the brand's youthful appeal. Dalziel & Pow, a leading store design agency.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 07. 01. 2014

Last year we worked with Roxlin, a China-based fashion retailer, with the brief to open a new store concept in Xi’an in September 2013. The fresh, new ‘deconstructed Manhattan loft’ concept takes cues from warehouses and loft spaces in New York to reflect the roots of Roxlin’s company founders. Raw finishes are combined with metallic, polished surfaces and mirrors to communicate the brand’s youthful appeal and edgy aspirations, while an army of robots mounted to the back wall provides an amusing visual display and a take on Roxlin’s ‘dare to be different’ strapline. Our new store concept provides the blueprint for the imminent roll-out across China.

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