New client - Indigo

We're pleased to announce our partnership with Indigo, Canada’s leading book and lifestyle retailer, to create an exciting new concept.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 24. 08. 2023
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For 25 years Indigo has been its customers’ self-declared "Happy Place", a community haven of joyful discovery. Today, the company has announced they are taking this concept one step further by opening the doors this fall to a radically different 16,000 ft2 shopping experience. This new urban concept store at The Well in the King West neighbourhood of Toronto marks an evolution for the brand. With books at its core, the company is transforming its product assortment, digital ecosystem and instore experiences to fully realize its goal of helping customers live their lives on purpose.

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The new store design, developed by UK-based brand innovation studio Dalziel & Pow, promises a unique eye-candy environment, centered on an edited selection of Indigo’s curated assortment of books, with a new heightened focus on lifestyle products and in-store experiences.

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“We know our customers love the current Indigo stores, but we also know the world is changing and people are craving more meaningful experiences that get them closer to their passions,” says Peter Ruis, CEO, Indigo. “We are thrilled to offer our customers an elevated experience that is much more than a shop. This will be a destination and social meeting place, celebrating the best of what Indigo does; Books, Music, Fashion and Culture – it will be a total lifestyle emporium.”

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Plans Include:

§ Immersive shoppable product vignettes

§ Vinyl record shop featuring a jukebox and curated selection of books

§ Gourmet coffee truck with pastries, snacks, beer and wine

§ Plant shop with live plants, pots and books

§ Book clubs, events & gatherings

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The location has been carefully chosen to tap into the ground-breaking concept behind The Well development in the King West neighbourhood of Toronto. The Well will be a unique mix of shops, restaurants, a fresh food market, workspaces and residences that set the stage for innovative collaborations and meaningful experiences in culture, entertainment, community and wellness.

“This location is a perfect fit and is in total harmony with our vision. Indigo will be at the forefront of creating an experiential destination, adding value for residents and visitors to this new vibrant community,” continues Ruis.

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