A collaborative workplace experience at Nationwide's new innovation centre

We helped the Nationwide team translate their brand into a workplace experience for employees to enjoy.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 04. 09. 2020
1120 NBS Ramsbury House 18
signage credit: acrylicize

Nationwide is welcoming back workers to its newly designed Digital Hub at Ramsbury House in Swindon, featuring a flexible communal area, relaxing courtyard spaces and contemporary design details throughout. We helped the Nationwide team translate their brand into a workplace experience for employees to enjoy, having previously reimagined their branch concept.

1120 NBS Ramsbury House 22

The office will be home to over 700 of Nationwide’s digital staff and provides an environment for employees to build on existing technology capabilities. Drawing influence from the brand’s 4C branch concept - which includes dedicated zones for Conversation, Convenience, Community and Consultation - the design of the new workplace ensures that everyone who comes into contact with the brand, be they customers, branch staff or support staff, has the same unifying experience.

1120 NBS Ramsbury House 11

Community is a key focus of the new concept. The Bump Space - a flexible, reimagined restaurant - transforms from a cafe into a communal gathering space to be used for informal meetings, town halls and yoga classes as well as all-day dining. A range of seating options - high, low, soft and stepped - allows employees to work and socialise the way they want.

1120 NBS Ramsbury House 26

House-shaped pods inspired by the Nationwide logo bring the branch design language into the workplace, providing staff with a space for private or team working. Brick detailing on the walls represents the brand’s pioneering house-building campaign and mortgage-lender credentials. Exposed pipework and statement neon lighting give the digital innovation centre a contemporary feel that appeals to a younger, technologically-skilled workforce.

Nationwide Ramsbury House hut

Outdoor courtyards within the complex have been designed as collaboration spaces, providing employees with a place to work together and relax. The reception area is an expression of the in-branch community zone, which shares stories of Nationwide’s CSR activities as well as events happening in the local area.

1120 NBS Ramsbury House 37

Richard Newland, Director of Branch and Workplace Development at Nationwide shared his thoughts on the new workspace experience:

“We recognise the vital contribution our colleagues make, in our offices and in our branches, to the success of our business. The new Swindon location extends our 4C brand concept (Convenience, Conversation, Community and Choice) to our workplace colleagues to ensure that everyone feels valued, can collaborate effectively and ultimately, can be their best.”

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