Molton Brown X Dalziel & Pow

A transformed flagship on Regent Street, creating a multi-sensory and more sustainable experience.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 05. 10. 2022
IMG 8977
©Dusan Kacan / Molton Brown

Thrilled to share the news of the relaunch of Molton Brown’s transformed flagship store on Regent Street, creating a multi-sensory experience alongside more sustainable product and design solutions, as part of our ongoing collaboration with this innovative and iconic Brand.

Building on our already successful '1971' concept, inspired by the brand’s founders and pioneers in positive luxury, this space is a calming, botanical, and sophisticated environment referencing the original 1970s hair salon but with a contemporary twist, with natural materials, sustainable features, and carefully selected technologies. From the Fragrance Discovery Playground to Personal Gifting, explore a more sustainable space with exclusive services and more immersive experiences.

IMG 9018
©Dusan Kacan / Molton Brown

“Our flagship store on Regent Street, one of the UK’s most iconic shopping destinations, has always been incredibly important to us as a brand. Our expansive fragrance category lies at the heart of the in-store experience,” Beatrice Descorps, VP of Marketing at Molton Brown Global (quote © Cosmetics Business interview)

The fragrance discovery playground, a central feature, is a space to explore the brand’s range of scents with an Augmented Reality experience to bring products to life while QR codes unlock additional content on the brand's collections and perfumers. These digital elements work alongside in-store consultants who can assist customers via a more personal consultation.

IMG 9074
©Dusan Kacan / Molton Brown

‘‘We’re delighted to be re-designing our flagship and most successful store on Regent Street, an iconic British luxury shopping destination. The environment itself needs to be truly impactful, which is why we’re unveiling an exciting new concept inspired by our first salon that opened in 1971. Our aim is not simply to sell you something, but to enrich your life in some small way; starting with the feeling you get from a beautifully unique space, experiencing something new and walking out with a smile on your face.’’ Steve Clark, Senior Director, Hotel and Retail Sales

IMG 9139
©Dusan Kacan / Molton Brown

Another major feature of the store design is sustainability, with the brand showcasing its credentials. Plants purify the air, including a 'herb garden' using the same sustainable ‘hydroponics’ method the brand uses to grow the plants for its Botanical Hair Care collection. Other elements include sourcing second-hand and British-made furniture, cork walls made in a zero-waste facility, FSC-certified wood laminate, and low-energy LEDs.

IMG 9135
©Dusan Kacan / Molton Brown

Also highlighted is Molton Brown’s ‘Return. Recycle. Reward.’ scheme and its gifting service, with customisation including bottle engraving and sustainable gift wrapping.

IMG 9129
©Dusan Kacan / Molton Brown

The Regent Street flagship’s redesign will form the basis of what will now be rolled out across the UK.

IMG 8928
©Dusan Kacan / Molton Brown
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