Mamas & Papas expands retail concept with new Glasgow Fort store

We're happy to announce the opening of our new store for Mamas & Papas at Glasgow Fort. This millennial-parent focused store is redefining nursery retail.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 05. 06. 2017
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Mamas & Papas takes the next step in redefining nursery retail with a new millennial parent-focused store in Glasgow Fort.

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Building on the success of its award-winning Westfield London retail concept, the Glasgow Fort store emphasises bespoke service, interactivity and community across 466 sq m of retail space.


In a layout zoned into ‘worlds’ based on new parents’ key shopping missions, the popular categories of Baby Fashion, Home, Service, Gifting and Travel are now joined by a Maternity offer.

MP0623 H

This features skincare designed in partnership with natural beauty brand Bloom and Blossom, stylish lounge and sleepwear, as well as pregnancy pillows, sleep sprays and comforters – all designed to help mum and baby get the best night’s sleep.


The store also boasts an athleisure clothing line for mums-to-be designed in collaboration with cult fitness studio, Frame. Frame will also be hosting pre and post-birth exercise classes, enhancing the community centre feel.

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