Maharishi Ayurveda

We've reframed Ayurveda for modern life, redesigning the brand identity, and designing a Brand World of creative assets.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 02. 11. 2021

We were approached to reframe ayurveda for modern life. To increase awareness and support the sustainable growth of the pioneering brand Maharishi Ayurveda. With the ambition to become as embraced and understood as yoga - a ‘sister’ practice of ayurveda - once considered niche and foreign to modern lifestyles.

Ayurveda is 5000 years old, it translates as “science of life” in Sanskrit and Maharishi means “great seer”. Our challenge was to help customers see the holistic health benefits of this East meets West philosophy and science. We set out to design a tangible and relatable expression of this ancient wisdom to better serve and appeal to modern needs.


Ayurveda is so broad and all-encompassing, it’s beneficial for those seeking both prevention and cure, but it can feel overwhelming and complicated to a novice. We wanted to break it down to become more accessible, personal, and practical. And Maharishi Ayurveda to become an indispensable everyday toolkit to help you on your own wellness path.

The original holistic wellness ‘brand’ required a holistic brand approach. We hosted stakeholder interviews and global workshops to map the world of hidden health benefits, barriers, and opportunities.


Working closely with Maharishi Ayurveda trained Doctors, Transcendental Meditation practitioners, and Vedic experts, we redesigned the brand identity and created a Brand World of creative assets to engage modern audiences across channels with MA’s personalised products, advice and practices. Introducing the modern ayurvedic source to people seeking the scientific and natural approach to health and wellbeing at every lifestage and lifestyle.


Built on the Ayurvedic principles of connectivity and balance, the new brand identity is a series of interconnected elements that can layer, combine and scale in application. We created a suite of brand assets including a new simple contemporary wordmark, an elegant monogram and an illustrative heritage marque. The marque is a unique brand element layered with meaningful storytelling from Maharishi Ayurveda’s rich history.

Heritage logo

The brand has a range of products steeped in heritage. Ayurveda itself is a wellness ecosystem with roots in Indian culture and is defined by the path of discovering the balance between your mind, body, and soul. It was this search for balance that was a key driver for the new visual identity of the brand. To stay relevant, it needed to connect to a new customer but also maintain its heritage and credibility.

Our approach to maintaining this balance was through creating a sophisticated bridge between a modern precise view of graphic design, and a textural hand-drawn aesthetic paired with organic typographic elements. We delved into the ancient knowledge of ayurveda and blended our discoveries with a grounded, humanist system of communication. We aspired to create an identity that could have come from any point in time - an identity that was free from any ’trend’.

Screenshot 2021 10 19 at 17 47 52

The new brand colour palette takes reference from key ayurvedic herbs and pairs them with symbolic colours from Indian culture and traditional wellness processes. This new ‘Brand World’ now sets a new creative direction for the brand across all its channels, communication and customer experiences.


The holistic brand now comes to life consistently and creatively across digital channels, product innovation and packaging, as well as retail, education and integrative health services. Our Brand World approach has allowed Maharishi Ayurveda to define and co-create the brand’s toolkit to sustainably scale MH's ambitious and evolving global brand experience.


“I’ve worked with Dalziel & Pow on projects across the globe and they always surpass expectations.

With such an incredibly rich heritage and purpose, Maharishi Ayurveda needed a partner who could create a new Brand expression that delivers on our depth and deep heritage whilst being accessible to today’s wellness consumer.

Working with the team at D&P is incredibly enjoyable and immersive and the results go beyond a cosmetic lift and affect deep behavioural change. Dalziel & Pow are steeped in delivering real-life experiences and their DNA successfully blends the 'Why' with the 'How.'” Jonathon Fitzgerald, CEO & President, Maharishi Ayurveda.

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