Our community-centric brand flagship for Lululemon

Our Community-centric Brand Flagship for Lululemon has landed on Regent Street. designed, to truly immerse guests in the brand and gather an active...

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 20. 01. 2017
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Our high-impact new Lululemon flagship store has landed on London’s Regent Street, designed to truly immerse guests in the brand and gather an active social community.

Opened 13 January 2017, at 590 sqm and sprawling over two floors, the store is both a local London hub and European flagship for the Canadian technical athletic apparel company and is set to transform the traditional retail experience in the UK and throughout Europe.

Several design elements have been tailor-made for the space and are unique to the UK, from the concierge desk welcoming guests into the store and a relaxing cafe area, to the technology behind the mesmerising digital movement installation, interactive dressing room and expressive mannequin feature. Behind the cash desks on each floor are large digital screens showcasing product stories and the store ambassador films.

Upon entering the store, a unique mannequin feature showcases the latest from Lululemon’s innovative product line. For opening, it will exhibit the limited edition collaboration with Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London’s MA Fashion course.

Inside the doors is the concierge desk with services to guarantee each experience is tailored to the guests’ personal needs. These personalised services include directions in store to locate your favourite product or around the neighbourhood to the best local studios, as well as recommendations from store ambassadors for their favourite nearby cafés, run routes and tourist attractions.

The digital installation, located near the ground floor fitting rooms, is a playful and poetic interactive experience to stimulate your senses and encourage you to find the stillness within. Detecting movement from the yoga mat positioned in front, the life-size screen transforms your own poses into dynamic and evanescent sculptures of colour. Once still, the particles are drawn towards you, filling your silhouette, flowing around your body and creating a unique piece of artwork from the energy within.

Upstairs is the dedicated community space, an area curated to create a relaxed atmosphere and sense of belonging. Here you’ll find a flexi-space for your yoga practice, including complimentary weekly classes. The community space will also house the first cafe from Neat Nutrition, the premium all-natural protein brand founded by Lululemon ambassadors and former international swimmers, Lee Forster and Charlie Turner. The cafe will offer nutritious goodies, craft coffee, juices and a range of protein shakes for customers to enjoy in the breakout area.

A prominent part of the community space is the Vision & Goals wall. Encouraging people to always strive for greatness, Lululemon offers this as a space for guests and store team to contemplate their ambitions and aspirations. A small print-out to take away helps remind, support and motivate guests to achieve these goals.

Ensuring the technical elements and craftsmanship of Lululemon’s product is at the forefront. An interactive fitting room within the upstairs fitting rooms enables guests to see the reflective features on their chosen kit. Once inside the room, laser beams highlight the reflective elements in the surrounding mirrors.

A space to stretch, sweat, connect and enjoy the latest collections, Lululemon’s Regent Street store has been created to offer customers retail space with a difference, helping customers escape from the buzz of the city and find stillness, happiness, and above all – fun.

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