Lifestyle opens in Dubai

We've revitalised Lifestyle with a brand new store concept.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 29. 06. 2018
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We have transformed Dubai-based brand Lifestyle from a store that sells lifestyle products into the lifestyle brand.

Lifestyle’s Dubai Mall-based store has been updated and repositioned for a modern consumer through a fresh concept, omnichannel experience, and revitalised store design. There’s a newfound cohesion and synergy between all the departments (fashion accessories, home accessories, home fragrance, youth, and beauty) that’s created through cross-merchandising and touchscreens which have been introduced for more convenient shopping. The result is a more purposeful retail proposition that serves a broad range of customers.

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The store spans 4,800-sqft and a key part of its design centres on elevating the beauty offer through the new vision ‘A Beautiful Life’. Building on the historic success of the beauty department, Dalziel & Pow relocated it to the centre of the store, enticing customers inwards through the other departments. This newly named Beauty Lab is the store’s nucleolus and from it, all the other departments radiate out.

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The Beauty Lab is a flexible space with a halo-like LED ceiling fixture that spotlights guest brands, experiences and bespoke offers. This not only creates a point of difference from other retailers and gives customers a fresh reason to return to store, but also encourages more social behaviour. Furthermore, digital interfaces offer an interactive story and create shareable moments, instantly aligning Lifestyle with savvy, social-media obsessed Middle Eastern consumers.

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We refined the in-store graphics and identity, developing a strong visual language with personality that can be felt throughout the store. Angled lightboxes on the perimeter aid navigation and a distinction between departments are highlighted by the introduction of lifestyle patterns that relate to the each department’s aesthetic, for instance, brush-inspired patterns signal the beauty department and mist and spray patterns represent the fragrance department.

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Vikas Attri, CEO of Lifestyle said: “Lifestyle has always been future-oriented and in touch with the ever-evolving digital needs of young male and female customers. With the launch of this new design, our goal was to create an omnichannel experience, which will meet the shopping preferences of generations to come. I’m pleased to share that this format will be replicated in most Lifestyle stores in the region within the next five years.”

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Lifestyle is part of the Dubai-based Landmark Group that is one of the largest retail and hospitality organisations in the Middle East, Africa and India. Lifestyle is often located within Centrepoint, a retail space that’s home to other Landmark Group brands.

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Over the last year, we have been sharing our thoughts on the beauty sector in our campaign D&P Loves beauty, click to read more.

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