Levsha’s personalised Designer Diary

We discovered Levsha's personalised Designer Diary that each creative person will love. Read more about it in this blog...

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By Inès Ryckeboer
Posted 15. 09. 2015
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Who said creative people can’t be organised ?

I’m sure it wasn’t Lesha Limonov, who posted on Behance few months ago his project for designers and creative professionals.


The Designer Diary might not sound really exciting, but is it. Not only can you take notes and structure your working schedule, the diary has a clever way of helping creative people (and those who are sometimes disorganised) to write their ideas and not lose them. (It happens when so many thoughts appear at the same time…)

Obviously design is neat: a white mat cover with hand-illustrated bull terrier which can be closed by the muzzle packaging, such a nice idea!


Nobody would want to find boring white pages inside such a beautifully designed book. Good news, that’s not at all the case. You can find different creative concept pages with lots of funny drawings to fill in with your ideas such as: Canned, Desires, Competitions, Notes…


A diary has to include a calendar, and this one has great little details, so you can customise it exactly as you want it. There are different categories such as: Day-plans, week-plans, year-plans… And even if pages are in the same colour tone – black & white – that just gives you the opportunity to make it colourful!


If, like me, you’ve fallen in love with this diary, you’ll also appreciate the poster, postcard and bookmarks… all available on the Levsha website:


Not enough pictures? Check out this video:

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