LC Waikiki launches new family-focused concept

Our most recent collaboration with LC Waikiki has seen us create a new family-focused store at İstinye Park Alışveriş Merkezi Istanbul.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 02. 05. 2017
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Opened in early March, LC Waikiki's 19,084 sqft store at İstinye Park Alışveriş Merkezi Istanbul draws on the company’s family values while adopting a modern and contemporary outlook. This new concept is the template for further global expansion.

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It’s designed with a shop-in-shop approach creating a more intuitive customer journey through the store and enhanced departments. Architectural treatments coupled with a dynamic graphic palette define sub-department in order to stand out.

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Other engaging features of this store concept include the new open and inviting shopfront, and the fun, playful and accentuated kids department. Adopting the brand’s philosophy, ‘everyone deserves to dress well’, it was imperative to create a space suitable for anyone with every style, budget and location catered for.

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We’re pleased to say that the store has already exceeded LCW’s expectations and, as a result of the hugely positive customer reaction, the brand is planning to bring the store concept to other retail locations.

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