kikki.K brings Swedish style to Melbourne

Swedish stationery brand kikki.K has launched its global store concept in Melbourne. Designed by Dalziel & Pow, it's a truly engaging experience. More here.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 02. 11. 2015
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Our new global store concept for stationery brand kikki.K has launched in Chadstone, Melbourne.

The kikki.K Studio is an engaging hub for making, teaching and meeting in the city – where Swedish style meets a laid back Melbourne attitude. It’s a space for stationery lovers to be inspired, explore their creativity and share ideas, bringing the passion of the brand to life “dream, do, enjoy, share.”

As if stepping inside the studio of the brand’s Swedish founder, Kristina Karlsson, this inviting space features all the hallmarks of cool Scandi style. Natural textures, a tonal white and neutral palette, simple finishes and clean lines are offset with localised greeting messages and a sunny, positive, vibrant attitude.

Mood boards reveal the influences behind each collection. These are pinned to large hanging mesh displays and laid out on marble tabletop slabs that are embedded with small digital screens – a subtle use of technology to help bring the stories to life. Hidden projections further enhance the experience and reinforce the brand’s authentic story and purpose in surprising ways.

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Fulfilling the brand intention of being ‘unique to you, wherever you are’, the concept is designed to be easily adapted with layers of localisation as kikki.K looks set to bring its Swedish style to other cities around the world – the next being a London pop-up launching later this month. Watch this space.

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