Jigsaw St James’s Emporium

Jigsaw has been given a premium treatment in tune with its iconic surroundings. Jigsaw St James’s Emporium leads the luxury fashion pack. Dalziel & Pow, a leading store design agency.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 02. 11. 2016
Jigsaw st james news feature

Positioned in the heart of Piccadilly, our new store for Jigsaw has been given a premium treatment in tune with its iconic surroundings. One of the first stores to open in London’s landmark St James’s Market development, Jigsaw St James’s Emporium leads the luxury fashion pack.

The store will offer the British brand’s full range of men’s and women’s clothing, footwear and accessories across 300sqm, in addition to a 100sqm shop-in-shop for sister brand The Shop at Bluebird. The two spaces are differentiated with contrasting aesthetics, yet framed and connected using iridescent panels. Lifestyle product from brands such as Aesop and Tom Dixon are interspersed among the apparel.

On the ground floor, Jigsaw’s offer has the light, clean white box feel of a gallery, with warm feature colours that contrast in the space. Reflecting the brand’s creative and artistic sensibility, four bespoke mirror artworks, 1m in diameter are inserted into the space. The painted marble effect pieces create drama and personality. The whole floor is clad in marble terrazzo that reaches 2.7m up the walls, and two circular cut-outs have been added to accommodate large-scale VM. Double-height fixtures and circular brass lighting features accentuate the lofty space for a feeling of grandeur.

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With close proximity to the tailors of Jermyn Street, an edited selection of menswear greets the customer on arrival, with womenswear complementing to the right, and a central mannequin display to attract passers by. Another key focus is denim; customers are drawn to the embossed brand statements wrapped around the high level wall, creating a feature area to showcase Jigsaw’s extended denim range. Bespoke denim swing tickets were created to help categorise the different range of fits. The journey then continues to footwear, accessories and apparel, while the A collection range, which recently debuted at London Fashion Week, has a prominent central call-out on the perimeter.

Jigsaw st james news main image

Beyond this, the dominant material changes from polished terrazzo to a raw skimmed plaster to indicate The Shop at Bluebird, located on the floating mezzanine level. Messaging leads customers up to the space, which is stocked with luxury brands such as Burberry, Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang. The selected found vintage furniture and glass blown lettering applied to the wall in The Shop at Bluebird give reference back to the Duke Street Emporium; there’s a sense of continuity between stores, though each is unique and tailored to its locality.

Fitting the store’s affluent positioning, there will be a high level of service. This includes a large glass wrapped cash desk that accentuates the terrazzo within, complemented by a grand iridescent backdrop that connects the two floors. Four large fitting rooms upstairs and two downstairs are finished with two-tone metallic surfaces and large-scale mirrored wall to create a boutique feel, and a dedicated press room in the basement will become a go-to destination for Jigsaw fashion shows, media launches and collection previews.

Peter Ruis, Chief Executive of Jigsaw said, “We set out to create a unique Jigsaw experience. The idea of a slick ‘Fifth Avenue’ store but with all the quirks and warmth normally associated with our brand. We wanted also to make a truly international statement, and St James’s Market will be incredibly visible as a tourist destination”

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