India Mahdavi’s store design for REDValentino

Paris-based designer India Mahdavi has redesigned two boutiques for REDValentino. Read more here.

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By Agata Pilip
Posted 14. 11. 2016
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Following (or maybe rather setting) the trend for pink interiors, and staying faithful to her love for tactile materials, the Paris-based designer India Mahdavi redesigned two boutiques for REDValentino – the first in Rome, and most recently one in London, which opened in September.

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The interior, as explained by the store assistant, was inspired by “candies and the 70s”. The first flagship store REDValentino has opened in London is dedicated to both ready-to-wear and RED V accessories. Soft padded walls, gold details, India’s signature chairs and a patterned floor made of stones in white, yellow and pink tones give the interior an incredibly feminine touch and feel of intimacy. It’s definitely a worth-seeing piece of design.

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133 Sloane St, Chelsea
London SW1X 9AX

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