What does your home sound like?

What does your home sound like? Thanks to "Sounds Like Home" installation you could literally answer to these question one day. Read more on this article...

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By Inès Ryckeboer
Posted 24. 09. 2015
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Moving house is never easy, but nowadays we can frequently move from home to home, country to country. Sometimes we’re nostalgic for our previous home, but too often we have nothing tangible to remind us of our time there.

When she was young, designer Haeyoun Kim lived in 17 different homes in five different countries. And unfortunately moving from one place to another resulted in lost memories that were attached to each house. In order to hold on to each home, he invented Sounds Like Home, which is currently installed at Made’s showroom in Charing Cross, as part of the London Design Festival. I went along yesterday.

As you enter the studio there is a room-set and a camera attached to the ceiling. A virtual grid on the floor ‘records’ your steps. A tracker in your headphones enables the camera to see which squares on the grid you move across, and you can listen to the sounds generated by your steps in the different squares as you move.

Then you just interact with your environment and have fun! The tunes created are archived and you can collect yours on MADE’s YouTube channel.

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Sounds Like Home won the 2015 Professional Development Award at Goldsmiths University, so we look forward to seeing this installation growing!

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