Latest digital trends and tech innovations

A couple of weeks ago we attended a forum focusing on the latest digital trends and tech innovations in the industry.

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By Angelica Araujo
Posted 24. 11. 2014
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A couple of weeks ago we attended a forum focusing on the latest digital trends and tech innovations in the industry.

The forum was hosted by Stylus and took place in The Royal Institution of Great Britain, London. It was fascinating to see how digital is changing consumer behaviour and lifestyle.

The amount of information presented was rather overwhelming, so we’ve picked out a few interesting things that we’d love to share with you.


Carnegie Mellon

Game of thrones



Interface for Wearables

Thermal Touch – A New Augmented Reality Interface for Wearables

Programmable materials2

Digital Ethereal

Rewiring Advertising




Virtual immersive commerce

Meta glasses

Virtual Reality Selfridges

Topshop AW14 Webisode

Holoroom Demo June14 Release1

Reality mirror

Virtual Immerse



FIAT LIVE STORE – case film


Metaio thermal-imaging touchscreens

High Tech Hospitality

Robot buttler

Casa madrona

Kinetic hotel1

Starwood’s Apple Watch room key

In-Transit Innovation



Spring Airlines has trialled wearable device Google Glass onboard.


Starbucks app gets Uber integration for rides to stores:

Digital Dining Developments

Mirai resu

The Art of Dining investigated the impact of colour on taste and flavor perception in its new dining experience, the Colour Palate.



Shutl: app that delivers your online shopping orders in 90 minutes or less.

Managed Wait


Buy collect

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