Hamleys' new store concept and in-store branding

Pleased to share the news of our work with Hamleys, creating a concept that has been launching globally.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 13. 03. 2023

‘A world where fairy tales come true, and a child’s imagination runs free’ - We're pleased to have partnered with Hamleys to create this new store concept and communications approach, bringing the magic of the brand to life. This store concept and its supporting communications have been launching across the globe, most recently in Westfield, London but following other openings across India, Qatar, and Azerbaijan.

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Hamleys 3

The vision for this store experience and concept was ‘The Joy Emporium (Unboxed)’ with an ambition of ‘making memories through the joy of play’. We looked to understand the different shopper and customer types, from those looking for gifts to those helping make memories. The store offers a selection of toys from the traditional to the high-tech, games, and puzzles to arts and crafts, with brands such as Lego, Barbie, and Playmobil, plus Hamleys exclusives including their iconic Bears.

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We defined a creative language to bring the concept to life, with a mix of traditional regency styling alongside moments of joy and quirky surprise. The concept’s vibrant red and white interior reflects the magical world of Hamleys and the signature fun, magic, and theatre the brand represents. In these new stores are a number of engaging experiences, with play at their heart, such as an oversized conveyor belt taking over the storefront exterior at Westfield, alongside other engagement elements such as an indoor slide, suitable for both children and adults, a Hans and Gretel dessert boutique, a Nerf target practice area and a Playmobil play area.

Hamleys 2

This experience also showcases Hamleys’ Entertainment team, with interactive fun for families, bringing toys to life and letting children engage with the products and their expert demonstrators.

There is also a new graphic language that references Hamleys’ regency heritage, mixed with expressive brand patterns and playful typography. A new colour palette, with the addition of soft pink and a more regal gold, helps elevate the brand and complement the new, more elevated position and store experience.

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On the opening at Westfield London, Hamleys CEO Sumeet Yadav said: “There are toy shops, and then there’s Hamleys Westfield, White City, which we are absolutely thrilled to have just opened. Shoppers will be ‘wowed’ at Hamleys Westfield, like something they have never had before in one of our stores and we just cannot wait for everyone to experience all we have to offer.

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