Guinness Storehouse Ingredients Story launch

A world-class sensory and immersive experience for a Dublin icon

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 15. 03. 2024
GSH Ingredients Launch Social Content
“A porter brewer buys none but the best as none else will answer” Arthur Guinness

The 4 simple ingredients used to create Guinness have been brought to life as a world of magical installations, each with its own personality, and story to tell – sound, scent and temperature all work together to create a visually impactful, world-class visitor experience, within the Guinness Storehouse – appealing to local and international visitors alike.

An important insight for this concept is that Guinness is farmed, not just brewed, it’s made from simple ingredients and despite having global reach, the ingredients are nurtured, selected and treated with care and creativity to get Guinness right every time.

This is the first space on the visitor journey in the Guinness Storehouse, and sets the tone for the rest of the experience, it is a busy and energetic space that can host up to 1000 visitors per hour.

The journey starts with a sensory reset, transitioning through an impressive hand-crafted tunnel to discover a large and impactful screen which acts as a bill-board sized trailer for the story to come, this sets the tone for the experience. The visitor then finds themselves transported into a field of real Barley, where the weather is dramatic and changeable. The next experience is Water, a huge 14-metre curved water curtain wraps the space printing key stories in the water. Next you enter a cathedral-like space, with hops appearing to grow endlessly upwards, illuminated and reflected around you. Upstairs the visitor discovers the 4th and final ingredient, the magic of Yeast, a bright space flooded with light and mist, shifting from nature to a modern, scientific lab.

A perfect balance of impressive scale, drama and art, with human scale tactility and a focus on people, makes this an experience that ‘only Guinness could do’.

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