LEGO Festival of Play

We’re excited to have partnered with LEGO to define and create this immersive and powerful new event.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 10. 11. 2023

Our team is proud of the success of LEGO's inaugural ‘Festival of Play’, which launched earlier this month. This was a great collaboration with LEGO to define and create the vision and concept for this new festival, to inspire and empower the builders of tomorrow to reimagine their world with a must-experience event of immersive, shared, and connected LEGO zones that celebrates diverse forms of self-expression, creativity, it’s all about play with purpose.


At the ‘Festival of Play’ visitors of all ages were able to travel through 11 immersive and highly interactive zones to reimagine and create a better world through the power of PLAY!

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A new idea for a new audience...

This event's vision and concept were built following a research and strategy project D&P undertook for LEGO which focussed on understanding the ambitions, expectations, and needs of Gen-Alpha, and defining the ways to better engage this powerful new generation.

How to connect with Gen-Alpha?

The LEGO Festival of Play is a bold reinvention of ‘LEGO World’, a widely recognised and established event that brought thousands of kids and families together.


The 11 immersive and highly interactive zones within the space to explore...

Playground, LEGO® Factory, Brick Gallery, LEGO Masters, Color Zone, Brick to the Future, Funpark, Nature Park, My First Garden, DREAMZzz™ Zone, and the LEGO® Store by Lekia.


In response to our actionable insights around Gen-Alpha, we’ve then collaborated with LEGO to re-imagine this event, and how it comes to life to raise its “coolness” factor and build a better connection with kids aged 6-12, especially girls.

The D&P LEGO team

We asked our team who worked with LEGO what they had learned or what stuck with them, here's what some of them had to say…

“Reinventing LEGO World is one of those quests that would have blown my mind as a child. Collaborating with the ambitious and creative minds at LEGO has been a collective highlight of the year at D&P. We defined principles of engaging this new generation because they don't expect to passively consume content; they want to co-create, build, and develop new ideas to create a better future."

- Paul West, Strategy Director

“Things I've learned… to incorporate more moments of play and fun in the future! We've unlocked new levels of creativity by using Lego bricks during our ideation workshops. And the importance of digital currencies or tokens for Gen Alpha and how brands can utilise them.”

- Bernadette Engel, Senior Creative Strategist

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"Stockholm's Friends Arena has been transformed to welcome families of all ages to the first ever LEGO® Festival of Play! A truly unique festival aimed at sparking joy and igniting the spirit of play in everyone attending"

Gulshanoy Tolipova-Gourdin, Marketing Director, LEGO Nordics

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