The evolution of Rockar at Westfield London

Dalziel & Pow bring its dynamic, digitally integrated store concept for Rockar Hyundai to Westfield London, Stratford. View the full concept here.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 03. 12. 2015
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Rockar Hyundai has opened its second store in Westfield London, Stratford showcasing our digitally integrated ‘auto boutique’ concept that was first launched at Bluewater Shopping Centre.

At 250sqm and providing space for five Hyundai display cars, the store is slightly larger than its Bluewater predecessor but its aim is the same: to put customers in complete control by giving them all the facts and figures and as much time and flexibility as they need when making a purchase.

Our concept features 45 digital content screens and two browsing tables that hold 11 interactive touchscreen tablets. These allow customers to browse the Hyundai range independently, book on-site ‘You Drive’ test-drives and even make a purchase in five minutes flat. Rather than salespeople on commission-based pay, friendly, knowledgeable ‘Angels’ are on hand to help customers through the process.

A digital wrap around the perimeter walls displays everything from latest pricing and promotions to product films, while dynamic screens positioned at the front of the store can be changed at any time to display relevant messaging (for example, real-time weather conditions or traffic updates). Unique to Westfield, one of the touchscreen tables is located outside the store where a set-back storefront creates a 24-hour brand zone, allowing customers to look at display cars, browse and buy during closing hours.

The on-site Experience Centre holds 20 cars available to customers for ‘You Drive’ test drives. Located in the shopping centre’s car park atrium, the YouDrive pick-up and drop-off centre has been designed to feel like an inviting lounge, an evolution of the Bluewater concept as a response to higher than expected usage of the space. It operates as an extension of the store and acts as a test drive hub and service centre, where existing Hyundai owners can drop off their car and then shop or see a film while it’s being worked on.

This concept of blending the best of online and offline retailing has been hugely successful at Rockar Hyundai’s Bluewater store, luring 72 per cent of its customers away from the used car market. The innovative purchasing model has also strongly resonated with women, with over 54 per cent of all buyers being female while the average age of customers is just 39 years old. Its Bluewater store has welcomed 163,000 shoppers through its doors in just 12 months, and attributes 94 per cent of its customers as being completely new to the brand.

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