Elevating the everyday for Shoppers Drug Mart

Our new concept for Canada’s leading drugstore chain launches.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 03. 04. 2018
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We created an uplifting standout store experience for Canada’s leading drugstore chain Shoppers Drug Mart – bringing the brand’s signature ‘Live Life Well’ strategy to life with tangible moments.

Located in Newmarket, Toronto, the 14,000sqft store concept draws on the fondness for the brand while evolving to meet the needs of today’s customers, helping them continuously live their best life.

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This feel-good destination is full of daily inspiration and truly personalised interactions, to elevate what shopping for everyday essentials can be. While price comparison and uniformity are the norm in the competitor landscape, Shoppers Drug Mart stands out by actively engaging the customer. Add-on services and swift check-outs deliver truly modern convenience, while brand communications offer a relatable and caring tone of voice; humorous when appropriate and sincere when needed. All this ensures customers leave the store happy and fulfilled.

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With over a 1,000 stores across Canada, featuring in some of the most remote locations, the concept takes on a new role as a valued hub for the community, hosting informative and fun local events. Shoppers are immediately greeted with a welcome message from the store owner when entering the store, and a dedicated space talks about local happenings, campaign content and key staff.

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Key pillars for the brand and drivers into store include Health, Beauty and Convenience. These unfold in a varied landscape of distinct departments, with bold, simple navigation and pockets of inspiration.

Pharmacy is the heart of the business and the destination for most customers in store. We created an inviting, reassuring yet authoritative space, to ensure the service-led pharmacy feels as relaxing as possible while customers are having health appointments; soft lighting and communications help to put them at ease and feel comfortable. The expert pharmacy staff are profiled and celebrated within the space, encouraging customers to build a rapport with them.

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The Beauty department has been redesigned to add appeal for a younger demographic and simplify an often-overwhelming category. Brimming with inspiration, it’s a fun space that showcases and gives customers the opportunity to test out the latest trends. A signature lighting feature heroes the department and highlights the new service desk, which gives customers a friendly welcome on approach.

We also conceptualised a Tool Wall (implemented by digital agency Icon) to spotlight the own-brand makeup line QUO and educate shoppers on how to use make-up brushes effectively. When customers interact with the brushes it triggers digital content about how to select and use the right tool for the job.

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With an ambition to become the authority in skincare in Canada, the new department is a go-to destination to try new things or speak to a member of staff for a consultation, advice or recommendation. A devoted display table with advice about six skin types (dry, oily etc), adds more storytelling to the space, while an eye-catching lighting fixture clearly anchors and calls out this section in the store.

In Food, milk is a key traffic driver. This everyday product becomes a focal point in the store – a large light box with the statement “Need Milk?” above a fridge in the timber wall drives the customer into the department.

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Through curating a consistent tone of voice, personal service and a welcoming environment, we have strengthened and advanced the Shoppers Drug Mart brand experience for a new era of retail.

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