EE Studio concept results update...

..250% increase in footfall, well that’s positive! Read on...

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 16. 02. 2024

Alongside the recent opening of the EE Experience store in Gateshead, EE updated on how this concept is performing and its plans to invest another £6M in the next 12 months launching the design across a further 10 locations. Such positive news for this concept

Screenshot 2024 02 16 at 17 33 34

What is even more positive is that the EE Studio store in Westfield London, White City, has seen an increase in footfall by 250% compared to the previous EE store in Westfield London. Additionally, EE’s refreshed retail approach is also being well-received by customers across the country, with the Experience stores in Kent, Cardiff, and Manchester all seeing footfall increase by 35% compared to the previous stores in these locations. Watch the video which showcases the Studio store in Westfield London, or you read and see more about this concept here

Screenshot 2024 02 16 at 17 33 47
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