EE's new Experience concept store

As part of our partnership with EE, the Experience Concept has now opened, following The Studio launching this new retail strategy.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 17. 07. 2023
EE Cardiff 151

The new Cardiff EE Experience store combines physical and digital experiences to bring to life the latest connected technology, and serves as a hub for the local community to work, learn and play.

Designed to empower customers with the best connectivity and technology solutions for their connected life, the new concept reinvents the role of the traditional phone shop, enabling shoppers to get up close and personal with the latest innovations and giving the South Wales community a dynamic space to work, learn and play.

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Visitors will explore four carefully curated experience zones, with each demonstrating how cutting-edge technology and connectivity is enhancing everyday life – from gaming and relaxing, to working and learning

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The new Experience store also gives customers the opportunity to visualise their own personalised connected home through real-life room sets, enabling them to get a taste of future living and discover the connected technology that is right for them. The specially curated room sets include a Living Room with superfast broadband and connected home technology such as home security, TV packages and smart lighting, and a Home Office with technology to support with online security and working from home.

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The launch of the new Cardiff Experience store is part of EE’s new retail strategy, which seeks to reinvent the role of retail in the telco industry putting innovation, personal experience, and community service front and centre. And this follows the launch of the Studio space in Westfield last month - see more here

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