EE new experience concept

We're pleased to have partnered with EE's in-house store design team to help define and design an exciting new space….

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 23. 11. 2021
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EE, the UK’s biggest mobile operator, unveils its new concept store designed to give customers a more immersive experience combined with expert knowledge. The One Braham store will also act as a hub for local communities, as part of EE’s commitment to deliver the most personal and local service on the high street.

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Located within BT’s new London headquarters, One Braham, the store showcases the best in converged technology with expert face-to-face advice and demonstrations. Interactive zones, equipped with touchscreens and demo areas, bring to life a range of household devices, including games consoles, streaming platforms, and fitness gear. Customers can learn how all devices work together with EE and BT’s converged network, helping customers get the most out of the mobile and broadband networks

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Sustainability is at the heart of the services offered in the new store, customers can use the on-site repair centre to give a new lease of life to Apple, Google, and Samsung devices within 2 hours. And to extend the life of devices further, the store offers a free device MOT on any phone or tablet in less than 10 minutes. To help reduce the tonnes of e-waste sent to landfill every year, there is a recycling service for old handsets and accessories. For each handset or tablet recycled, EE will donate £10 plus the value of the device to its charity partner Home-Start* or offer money off the customer’s new EE contract.

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The new store has been designed to be a hub for the community with an event space available for the local groups to use to host workshops, support meetings and an informal place to get tech support and advice.

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One Braham’s new concepts will be tested and then potentially rolled out across EE’s stores. With digital technology woven throughout, innovation and ideas will thrive, where new trials and tech will come to life, and where the future of retail will be redefined.

The store will also provide a space for customers to get involved in the latest tech and gaming launches. Customers can be some of the first to try out Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox with a demo event as the game launches this week.

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Bridget Lea, MD of Commercial in BT’s Consumer Division, said: “We’ve created an experiential space where customers can get expert advice, or just have some fun with the very latest technology. We know there’s no substitute for getting help from an expert in person and we’re mixing technology with that personal touch to deliver the best customer service and support. The investment in this new store reflects our commitment to make sure customers remain as connected as possible and to keep the local high street invigorated.”

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