D&P is nominated for 10 Retail Week Interiors Awards!

We are so happy that the Retail Week Interiors Awards have nominated 10 of our designs this year. Find out which ones were nominated here.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 26. 07. 2017
Jigsaw st james news feature
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We’re incredibly happy to announce that our retail designs for Lululemon, Missguided, Jigsaw, Little House of Oasis and One Four Four (Mamas & Papas) have been nominated for a staggering TEN Retail Week Interiors Awards! The Retail Week Interiors Awards celebrate the best in the retail store design and fit-out sector. The awards ceremony is taking place on 2nd November, make sure to look out for the winners!

The nominees are as follows:

Best Destination Store (New)

Best Fashion Retail Interior

Best High Street Store (New)

Best Mall Store (New)

Best Small Store

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