Our concept for CCC opens in Lubin, Poland

The new concept is a 1,000sqm statement store that helps customers browse an abundance of styles in an easy-to-shop mode.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 11. 10. 2017
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We’ve created a sector-defining flagship and global identity for CCC, Europe’s leading footwear and accessories brand.

Responding to CCC’s ambitions, the changes kick-start a transformation from trusted, international brand to global retail company. They convey the brand’s core strengths of virtually endless choice at great value, on-trend styles, transparency and pride in product quality.

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The new concept in Lubin, Poland is a 1,000sqm statement store that helps customers browse an abundance of styles in an easy-to-shop mode. It offers ‘Style Made Simple’; a convenient showcase that highlights CCC sub-brands and tells the company’s story with confidence. The concept will be rolled out into new bigger locations whilst existing stores are relocated or refreshed. With a strong following in Eastern Europe among the 25-45-year-old woman, shopping for herself and the family, the fresh design broadens CCC’s appeal to a younger trend-led customer. The interior architecture delivers a more ordered shop-in-shop layout with intuitive navigation across all departments – Women’s, Men’s, Kids, Sports and Accessories.

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Dariusz Milek, CEO of CCC said, “The retail market is constantly changing and we have to invest in change to keep moving forward. This new CCC concept guarantees we are prepared for the future and gives us a platform for any developments the market might bring.” There’s a more confident use of CCC branding (including its signature orange colour) and in-store messaging that communicates the impressive CCC brand story. From the shopfront to cash desks, digital walls display brand storytelling, the latest campaigns and promotions. The original CCC logo and graphics have also been updated – the three CCC letters have been simplified.

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The fully glazed shopfront frames lightboxes and digital LED screens, immediately engaging passersby. Continuing in-store, a central walkway and linear lighting feature leads shoppers through the space, branching off to individual shop-in-shop ‘rooms’. Cleanly defined and branded, each of these shops feature end-of-run promo tables, convenient seating and integrated accessories for cross-merchandising appeal. The product offer itself has been streamlined, with an edit of sub-brands in each category. Around the store’s perimeter, large-scale lifestyle photography and stand-out product shots act as navigational beacons, as well as highlight price points.

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Working very closely with the CCC team, D&P selected a neutral interiors palette with concrete, timber and white finishes for a fresh, contemporary look, and devised a framework to display shoes in an elegant and efficient way. CCC’s packaging has also been redesigned, with all shoebox labels simplified into one logical, easy-to-read system across all sub-brands and guest brands. Abundant, energetic and organised, the new scheme sets CCC on course to grow its reputation as a powerful global brand offering value and quality across Europe and beyond. The concept is rolling out now with sites planned in Poland and all other CCC markets.

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