Colin’s: rediscovering the brand’s denim heritage

Dalziel and Pow's new store design for Turkish retailer Colin's brings the brand's heritage denim offer back to the heart of the store. Learn more.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 02. 03. 2015
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Denim is at the heart of our new store design for Turkish retailer Colin’s, reflecting the brand’s strong heritage in this industry.

Relocating this department to the centre of the shop floor, our clarified display hierarchy helps the customer shop the various cuts and washes within this offer. Large vertical banners call out styles, categorised by different character names (e.g. ‘Karl’, ‘Monica’, ‘Anya’), while point-of-sale communications have been simplified and streamlined. The department is also colour-coded – a coral shade for women’s styles, teal for men’s – for further clarity.

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Beyond the core denim offer, Colin’s other departments are also better differentiated now thanks to contrasting textural finishes and patterns. There’s also a subtle nod to the retailer’s Turkish roots through areas of floor tiling.

The concept was first introduced in Colin’s stores in Russia and Turkey, and following a positive responsive from customers it is currently being rolled out Europe-wide. It builds on our other projects in Turkey in recent years, including technology retailer Vestrel and fashion concept Twist.

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