Centrepoint's store of the future opens

Landmark Group's Centrepoint comes to Ibn Battuta Mall.

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By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 27. 09. 2019

Landmark Group’s Centrepoint opens its store of the future in Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai with a service-led concept designed by us.

The latest store brings the Centrepoint brand to the forefront

Home to some of the Middle East’s most-loved brands, Centrepoint is a one-stop shop for the entire family. It brings together a number of Landmark Group brands in one destination: Shoemart and Lifestyle, both of which we’ve previously worked with on standalone concepts, alongside Babyshop and Splash. The new site also includes Emax’s Centrepoint debut. The latest store brings the Centrepoint brand to the forefront, positioning it as a host that understands and caters to its shoppers while enhancing and elevating the brands housed within it.


Each brand concept has been designed with an individual identity and character, with the strength to exist as a standalone but also with parallels to ensure they coexist harmoniously when in a Centrepoint setting. We adapted the Shoemart and Lifestyle concepts to the space and created a brand new concept for Babyshop. Enhancements were made to Splash to emphasise its fashion-forward point of view. Transitions were carefully considered to ensure intuitive and logical adjacencies between them.


Promoting cross-shopping was a key objective with the new store to encourage people to explore more brands than they would usually. The large, circular architecture sweeping through the space holds all the concepts together, creating a natural flow for shoppers to follow on their journeys through the store. Customer focal-point The Edit was also introduced – a hub with a rolling programme of products curated by Centrepoint with shoppers and their lifestyles in mind.

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Placing the customer at the heart of what they do, Centrepoint have emphasised convenience with their new store. Easy navigation and a fresh layout make for a simpler customer journey while mobile cashiers mean quicker and easier checkouts. Shoppers are also supported by a range of services located in a convenience hub at the rear of the store. Among them are Click & Collect, Personal Shoppers and a Coffee Station for refreshments.

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A Mother and Baby room offers a sense of calm with a spa retreat-feel. Here, children can play while mothers relax or use the feeding pods and other facilities.


Another standout is the Toys department in Babyshop. Situated at the back of the store, it’s a lively space full of character complete with princess castle and car garage interiors. The department surprises and delights customers, inspiring imagination and play.


Centrepoint currently operates across 7 countries and this latest destination is the brand’s 145th store.

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