Bringing fragrance to the forefront for Molton Brown

We helped Molton Brown bring their Fragrance Finder concept to life.

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By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 27. 09. 2019
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With over 2000 fragrances being launched each year, the need to stand out in a crowded market is paramount. We worked with Molton Brown, helping the brand launch their new Eaux de Parfum and Eaux de Toilette, and position themselves as fragrance leaders, distinguished by their personalised twist on finding the right fragrance.

Building on an algorithm developed by The Future Laboratory that matches scents to customers according to an individual’s profile, we created connected online and in-store experiences to bring this ‘Fragrance Finder’ concept to life.

This meant the build and integration of a new application into Molton Brown’s website, allowing shoppers to find their matching fragrance before ordering a sample or coming into store to discover the scent in person. The connected in-store activation is placed at store entrances, making the fragrance collection a focal point and helping position the brand as leaders in a space where they are traditionally known for their bath and beauty products.

An interactive Fragrance Bar showcasing the brand’s new Fragrance collection was designed, encompassing unique hand painted marble forms that reflect the brand’s ’70s heritage and mimic the iconic ‘lens’ design on their signature bottles. The semi-spherical bar is topped by an internally illuminated dome with supporting rods framing individual lenses that feature the story of the fragrances and the current range of 27 scents – but through it’s modular design it can support additional products as the range grows. The bar’s circular form makes the complete range accessible and provides a surface onto which the online Fragrance Finder experience is displayed, enabling further interaction for shoppers by tapping projections to discover the scent that matches their personality.

Molton Brown Fragrance Finder

Although Molton Brown has long been a pioneer of fragrance, this new standalone store concept elevates their customers’ scent experience to a completely new level and the brand has worked with visionary perfumers to create unrivalled scents that reflect their shoppers’ sense of self. Customers can discover the Fragrance Finder – which incorporates the brand’s individualistic philosophy and puts fragrance at the forefront of their offering – both online and in-store.

To celebrate the launch of the collection, Molton Brown held a five-day pop-up in September in Covent Garden. The space hosted a variety of workshops to showcase the new online and in-store activations; attended by prominent influencers and the brand’s diverse collective of perfumers who gave insight to the world of scent.

Going forward, a simpler bar with the same experience has already been developed along with a range of supporting bespoke merchandising techniques. Fragrance Bars have been launched in Molton Brown’s Regent Street store and others across their territories.

Molton Brown Fragrance Finder

We are continuing to work with Molton Brown, with a new store concept putting fragrance first set to open in October in Bluewater, Kent.

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