Our new flagship store for Boden opens

The brand’s first physical store is inspired by Johnnie Boden’s unique style and personality.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 14. 11. 2017
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We’ve designed a destination store for Boden in London’s Duke of York Square – the first high street address for the mail-order and online business.


Opened on the 9th of November, the concept invites customers to shop ‘at home’ with Boden in a Georgian house setting bursting with an eccentric British vibe – inspired by Johnnie Boden’s unique style and personality.

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Situated on the prestigious Kings Road, Duke of York Square is an elegant and historic address for Boden’s bricks and mortar debut, placing an aspirational target audience on its doorstep. The Square is home to more than 30 boutiques, one of London’s best artisan food markets, and the iconic Saatchi Gallery all contributing to the chic cosmopolitan vibe.

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Found furniture brings an authentic domestic feel, together with hand-painted finishes and dark wooden flooring. Wit and humour are fed into the space through communications, joined by cheeky pops of colour, engaging lifestyle imagery and elements of surprise.

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With two entrances at either end – shoppers are enticed into individual rooms that gradually reveal Boden’s bold, vibrant collection in manageable easy-to-navigate segments. A feature staircase in the centre of the store separates the two floors; Women’s, Accessories and Footwear are on the ground, and Mini and Baby Boden on the lower Ground.

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There is also a surprising feature in the lift, audio with owner Johnnie Boden’s voice has been specially designed to facilitate the journey that, coupled with the store’s unique fragrance, adds to the character and charm of the space.

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David Dalziel, Creative Director, Dalziel & Pow said, “The launch of any established online brand into physical space is a challenge, a challenge to represent the brand in a way it hasn’t needed to consider since its inception. At Boden that required us to get closer to the brand essence than is normally possible, to truly reflect it in every choice of material, every nuance of the experience. In this store Boden creates its own home from home – the result is a subtle and elegant interpretation that gives the brand a platform for future growth.”

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Boden’s first store lays the groundwork for future stores in 2018 and beyond.

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