Launching ‘Fashion Boudoir’ for Bardot

Earlier this year we created a new boutique-style concept for Bardot, ‘Fashion Boudoir’. The store opened in Chadstone, Australia’s largest mall. Read more.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 14. 12. 2016
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Late last year, we created a new boutique-style concept for Bardot, called ‘Fashion Boudoir’, the store opened in Chadstone, Australia’s largest mall.

Fashion Boudoir aims to attract a new core customer with a shopping experience that is recognisably and unmistakably Bardot, and which evokes desirable, new-era luxury. Here she can discover the latest fashion edits, must-have products, and cool happenings, with a brand personality that oozes confidence, spontaneity and sex appeal.

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The new site in Chadstone is a complete and comprehensive re-design of the brand and the customer experience. The interior is a muted palette in a classical box that draws on traditional European architectural details to the columns, cornice and floor. The feel is of a city studio with subtle painted walls, concrete and terrazzo floor, and contrasting black spot lighting. Inserted into this architectural box is a scheme of furniture and equipment, using gold metal, composite stone, white sculptured panels and soft velvet fabrics to create a feminine and contemporary feel.

Elevated service is inherent throughout the design; the new fitting room combines a rich timber floor and full-length curtains to provide a premium environment, key to reflecting the elevated service offer. Within the scheme, mid-floor ‘edit zones’ are strategically positioned to bring together collections, helping the customer to gain inspiration and recreate the latest looks and trends.

Launched in 1996, Australian fashion power-house Bardot has become “the destination for women who wear fashion, with a bit of attitude that is always on the money.” The new concept will allow the brand to continue to make its mark on the Australian fashion scene and set it up for further international expansion.

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