Balababa - update

We’re thrilled to share an update on our work with Balalaba as the new brand identity and store concept continue to make an impact, and adapted to new locations and territories.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 31. 05. 2022

Following the development of a new brand identity and store concept, which was launched and tested throughout 2020/21, Balabala has been accelerating the application of the concept to hundreds of stores across its global portfolio becoming a benchmark within the industry.

Balabala Infinity wardrobe RT

The new identity and concept are bold, playful, fashionable, and full of character - truly reflective of the brand's purpose and attitude. Balabala is a Chinese brand, whose clothing offer spans newborns to young teens, and wanted its identity and stores to better reflect its fashionable positioning. Dedicated to quality, Balabala aims to create clothes that are stylish yet comfortable so children can enjoy being children, playing, and dreaming big. We created the experience vision ‘Together we dream’ to appeal to both children and their parents, creating a space akin to the fashion brands parents love to shop in whilst also delighting children and sparking their imagination. You can read and see more about this project here -

Balabala billboard 2

With this new position, identity, and concept, Balabala has expanded its mall presence across premium locations in first-tier cities of Mainland China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Wenzhou and also internationally, through the launches across Hong Kong, Dubai and Qatar. Here is more on some of the key locations and launches -

The ‘Park by balabala’ in Shanghai Jiuguang City.
Wenzhou InCity – features the "DREAM BUS”
Blue Harbor In Chaoyang Park Beijing.
ZOH 7627
Dubai Hill
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