Asteri Beauty Pop-up

As part of our partnership with Asteri Beauty, and to support the brand’s recent launch, we created a pop-up space that just landed in Riyadh Park.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 04. 07. 2023

The concept is inspired by the meaning of the name ‘Asteri’ - the star that fell to earth - the pop-up space is a physical interpretation of what happened when the star landed, the impact was dramatic… a new landscape was created. Facets reflect and refract light, shattering convention, illuminating new perspectives, and revealing hidden gems, a brave and beautiful light shone brightly, and Asteri was born.

This is like nothing you’ve seen before. This is just the first step on an exciting journey in developing Asteri’s retail chain. What this space!

See more about how we defined and created this new brand here

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