Ardene’s Gen Z haven is here

We’ve created a new concept for the leading Canadian brand with Gen Z in mind.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 14. 12. 2017
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We’ve designed Ardene’s new store in Saint-Jérôme Québec and it signals the dawn of a new era for the leading Canadian brand.

The identity and store design centres around three key pillars: Never Stand Still, Attainable Style, Limitless Inspiration.


Ardene caters to a broad range of girls and women between the ages of 10-40, however, it has begun to transition into the trend-driven, socially connected world of the Generation Z consumer.

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As one of North America’s premier fast-fashion retailers for the last 35 years, Ardene is no stranger to revitalising its brand identity. Through a refreshed personality, vibrant tone of voice and unashamedly fun visual language, this latest evolution of the brand captures a sense effervescence – a celebration of what it means to be young, confident and full of life today.

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The store, spread across 15,000 sqft, is designed to foster a welcoming and familiar atmosphere and puts experiential retail at its heart. Placed at its centre is the ultimate BFF hangout space that invites customers to relax and chat on the comfy seating. The space will eventually host events and pop-ups like in-store beauty makeovers and personalisation services.

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