Anya Hindmarch’s service station-Selfridges

We visited Anya Hindmarch's service station-Selfridges last week, check out the blog here.

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By Inès Ryckeboer
Posted 14. 09. 2015
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You probably already know Anya Hindmarch thanks to her cutting-edge collections such as her designer cereal boxes or Anya emoticons stickers but for her AH collection, she gone one step further.

Anya launched her new collection on Friday with a pop-up in London’s Selfridges car park, which has been transformed into a playful and fun gas station. What better way to launch a roadwork inspired collection? The pop-up only open for a short time aims to build excitement and anticipation for this hot new collection.

As soon as I heard about the launch, I wanted to see this fun pit stop for myself and discover how Anya Hindmarch brought her collection to life. I headed down on Friday along with most of the British Fashion press, And it was exactly as I imagined it – totally immersed by the M25 inspiration, the black floor printed with chevron stripes, a wall coated by orange traffic cones, a full on car wash and road signs as the backdrop for the collection.

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I had the opportunity to visit the service station where there were kiosks selling air fresheners and bumper stickers and snack bar serving up British candy bars (KitKats and Yorkies) but the highlight for some the “Hot (car) wash”, as they called it, which invited guests to snap a picture with the “Hot” car wash assistants.

There was also an opportunity to take away some bespoke pieces collection such as: Road sign stickers, high vis inspired bags, pins, thermal coffee cups and condoms…

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IMG 0277
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Sure enough it wasn’t only me that impressed with the space and the collection, by Friday afternoon the event was covered by all of the usual suspects, Vogue, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, and Time Out.

And although the Hindmarch pop-up is the first time the Selfridges car park has sold the store’s wares. The store has a long heritage of hosting well-documented and attended store experiences and events. We can’t wait to see what is install for the next collaboration and it seems so does everyone else, the collaborative hashtag #SelfridgesxAH has generated 99 mentions on Twitter and 259 on Instagram in the past week.

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(I took so many photos of these boys… now you understand why I stayed so long!)

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