Andreas Murkudis – Berlin

Went to Berlin the other weekend and came across the avant-garde, high-end fashion store Andreas Murkudis. It’s ...

Myree tydings headshot
By Myree Tydings
Posted 11. 05. 2016
Andreas murkudis feature

Went to Berlin the other weekend and came across the avant-garde, high-end fashion store Andreas Murkudis.

It’s in a beautiful big warehouse space which alone gives it amazing character. The fit-out is sophisticated and minimal but quite experimental – using unexpected materials, forms and statement pieces.

The brands vary from the well known to interesting unknowns. Things like Common Projects, Maison Margiella, Yoji Yamamoto, Céline, Mykita, A Kind of Guise etc etc. It’s like a boutique department store (a la Merci/10 Corso Como).

Definitely a hidden gem in Berlin worth checking out. It’s in a courtyard surrounded by beautiful art galleries as well, so there’s a lot of pretty stuff to see.

Andreas Murkudis
Potsdamer Straße 81E
10785 Berlin, Germany

Mg 8670
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