A sophisticated approach for ASK Italian

Briefed by ASK Italian to refresh a series of restaurants across the UK, we developed the core palette to create an upbeat dining experience.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 17. 03. 2014

We were briefed by ASK Italian to refresh a series of restaurants across the UK. We developed the core palette by introducing current trend-inspired colours, materials and finishes and added to the graphic language to create an upbeat dining experience that brings the theatre of fresh Italian food back to the restaurant. Each site includes unique treatments, fixtures and fittings, and different zonal areas, which enable the customer to choose the ambience of their meal.

ASK Italian is proud of where its ingredients are sourced and are heavily inspired by good, authentic Italian food. This story is now told in an expressive way through the ‘Cibo Wall’. The feature wall has been introduced to the new restaurant offer and involves layered textures and inspiring photography, arranged in a playful layout.

Kitchen tables and the clustered arrangement of design classic lighting create an atmosphere that is comfortable and theatrical. Props and visual merchandising add to the experience; surrounded by percolators, colanders and rolling pins, you’ll soon feel right at home in a contemporary Italian kitchen.

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