Fancy a tin of fish?


We’ve had the silent restaurant, the restaurant for one and the cat café. Now a new restaurant has opened with no chef and no kitchen. It doesn’t need either because it only sells tinned fish. That’s right, the stuff that Grandad ate with two slices of white bread and stewed tea. Or is it?



“The perception of tinned food in the UK is different from how it is in other parts of the world,” says Maximiliano Arrocet, one of the team behind Tincan. In his home country of Spain, for example, “you can get gourmet food in a tin, and it’s not frowned upon”. With the pop-up restaurant, which opened in Soho, London, this week, he aims to “elevate the tin to an object of desire” in the UK. The restaurant’s window displays beautiful cans from around the world; the kind you might buy on holiday as a souvenir and never open. “These are collectible items,” says Arrocet.



5-8 Hardwick Street London EC1R 4RG - UK

+44 (0)20 7837 7117

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