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The Swiss Explorer

The Swiss airline is currently allowing one person to travel across all their destinations as part of a reasearch/marketing campaign:

“Nick is on a six-month globetrotting assignment on our behalf. After emerging victorious in a multi-stage selection process that attracted more than 1,400 applications, he is on a mission to submit colourful travel reports from various SWISS destinations. During his adventures, Nick will test the full range of our products and services and investigate our route network from a customer point of view to share his impressions with you.”

So far Nick has travelled 59’482km and documented nine destinations. For each destination, Nick creates a travel log showcasing new things to explore and shares images on Instagram.

I think this is a neat idea to not only showcase the level of service and customer experience of a brand but to also entice people to travel their next holiday.

See more here.

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