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Sonos Studio – music as it should sound

I went to Shoreditch this morning, well known to be the cradle of creativity for design and visual things, and it’s without surprise that I found the Sonos Studio there.

The space is composed of a concert space, listening rooms, workstations and a café where a new exhibition is taking place – A Portrait of British Songwriting – which you will discover in my pictures.



The design keeps the industrial aspect of the space but brings in the warm atmosphere Sonos Studio likes to often create with a wonderful wood floor, cosy furniture and workshop windows… I felt utterly at home in the café where people were getting comfortable in what feels like a very familiar environment.



Obviously Sonos products are everywhere, which is wonderment for the ears. It’s more a community place than a brand one. Music is essential here and that’s what Sonos gives. It’s a connecting point for a global network of musicians and creators, making links to their audiences incredibly accessible.



The modern home audio system company already has Sonos Studios in Los Angeles, New York and Amsterdam, where they have hosted lots of events. I’m looking forward to going to one of them in the London Sonos Studio ASAP.


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